Dream House Leatherworks is committed to using the highest quality inputs and craftsmanship to make stunning, functional, and durable luxury products. Each piece we offer is handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, and our products are constructed to last for many years.


All of our full grain leathers are from tanneries based in the USA, and we use as many other American-made components as possible. For more information on the leather we use, please see the "Types of Leather'' section below.


We take pride in hand stitching every product we make, as this method is far superior, stronger, and longer lasting than machine stitching.


We use solid brass hardware and Riri zippers, which contributes to the lasting quality of each piece.


Shaylah McVay founded Dream House Leatherworks in 2022 with her husband, Kyle. Shaylah picked up leatherworking as a hobby in 2019 and loved how durable and functional the pieces she made were. At her family and friends' urging, she decided to share her craft with the world.

The name Dream House Leatherworks came from the fulfillment of a dream of moving out of the suburbs of Austin, Texas to enjoy the seasons on five acres in New Hampshire with a large garden and many chickens.


Full grain leather is premium quality leather. It contains the complete grain of the hide and is the most durable and long-lasting type of leather. It contains unique and natural grain character and will patina beautifully over time with use. At Dream House Leatherworks, we exclusively use full grain leathers. It is our goal to provide the most beautiful, functional, and durable leather goods possible.

Genuine leather is made using several layers of low-quality leather which are split off from the back side of full grain leather pieces, then bonded together with glue. It does not have the same luxurious feel as full grain leather, is far less durable, and will not develop the patina that full grain leather is known for. The term "genuine leather" is very misleading to consumers as it is not a high quality product. We do not use "genuine leather" in our products.



Leather is a natural product and each piece will have its own grain patterns and imperfections. We believe this makes each product we sell unique and even more beautiful. Your product will develop a natural patina with use, which brings out even more of the beauty and softness of the leather.


Leather should be stored in a dry place and not left in direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Although leather is very durable, it lasts and keeps its beauty the longest when kept out of extreme heat or cold. Please avoid using your leather good in heavy downpours unless it is first treated with a high quality water repellent that is made for leather.


Leather should be conditioned regularly and/or whenever you notice your piece is looking faded or dry. We use and recommend Smith's Leather Balm, but any quality leather conditioner should work well. However, make sure to test your leather conditioner on a small, inconspicuous place of your piece before treating the whole thing, since some conditioners will darken the leather. Allow the conditioner to soak into the test area completely and evaluate the effects before continuing.

For routine cleaning, wipe the surface with a dry cloth. For deeper cleaning, use a quality leather cleaner and follow the cleaner's instructions. As with conditioning, leather cleaners should be tested on an inconspicuous area on the product before proceeding.


Do not machine wash or dry clean your leather piece.

Do not use any harsh cleaners that are not intended for use on leather products.

Do not allow your leather pieces to come into contact with hand sanitizer.



Each piece is made to order, therefore all sales are final and we do not accept returns. However, all of our products come with the guarantee outlined below.


We guarantee that our leather goods will arrive free of manufacturing defects and we have a lifetime guarantee on our craftsmanship. If you believe there is something functionally wrong with your piece, please use the form below to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Please note that leather is a natural material, therefore the grain of each piece will vary slightly in appearance and may contain natural imperfections. This variation is part of what makes each piece beautiful and truly unique.

Please contact us at with any questions.